New Trend Among Start-ups to Buy Instagram Likes

Excerpt from showing new businesses are more open to buy Instagram likes and other social media tactics as part of their web design and marketing strategy:

We all know the value social media adds to businesses and the potential it holds for those who haven’t tried it out yet. 90% of American businesses already use social media as part of their marketing strategy, with over half of them reporting increased ROI from social media channels.

However, the social media marketing platform is constantly changing. Keeping abreast of these changes is a must for any successful start-up.tumblr_inline_okdps2clmb1uz1zq8_540

These trends highlight key areas that start-ups should look into for effective utilization of investments in social media marketing…Some traditional social media platforms now function as stand-alone ecommerce sites, enabling consumers to shop and buy items away from online retail websites. For instance, Facebook and YouTube introduced their 360 Ads for improved customer experience while Pinterest continues making headway with its buyable pins.

The integration of ecommerce structures within traditional forms of social media has also created fertile ground for other unconventional businesses. For instance, there are dozens of online companies that can get you cheap Instagram likes, Twitter followers, or Facebook shares to help improve visibility for your start-up…