Can Sprayble Melatonin Hormone Solve Sleep Problems?

News release excerpt on natural alternatives to improve sleep, plus products like sprayble melatonin, and similar sprayable sleep products:

Getting to sleep at the end of the day could be as easy as coating yourself with a deodorant-style spray.

Sprayable Sleep is the world’s first “sleep spray” and applies melatonin – the hormone humans produce to nod off – directly to your skin.

Sprayable, the company behind the spray, says that traditional sleeping pills contain up to 30 times more melatonin than is necessary to get to sleep.

It says that because the spray doesn’t have to cope with the digestive system, it is able to use much less but still have the same effect.

“We’ve built a tool to combat the daily stresses, artificial lights, and constant stimulation that disrupts good sleep,” said Ben Yu, co-founder of Sprayable.

“Sprayable Sleep is our answer to those who find it hard to stay well rested in today’s sleep deprived culture.”

The company is seeking funding for Sprayable Sleep through the Indiegogo crowd funding website…